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Mshiri Vocational Training School

Vocational Training School.

Vocational Training School

Carpentry workshop.

Inside the Carpentry workshop

The workshop in the Vocational Training School.

Planing wood in the workshop

In order to assist the training school, there are some income-producing projects. One of these is a carpentry workshop.

Donated carpentry and joinery machinery has been installed and the workshop is run as a commercial enterprise to help support the vocational training school with its running costs.

The second and third year carpentry students learn to use the machinery in the workshop.

The Village Crafts Shop and Cafe sells some of the items made at the Vocational Training School.

At Marangu Mtoni, next to the new shop, we have built traditional thatched huts as used by the Chagga tribe. There are very few of these left and the Chagga traditions are being forgotten. This is not only a tourist income-generating venture but will serve to educate the local children in the traditions of their forefathers.

Chagga house.

Chagga house.

Chagga house.

Chagga house.

The second hut was built to show the next stage of traditional building which used a form of wattle and daub.

New Chagga hut.

Chagga hut.

The training courses being offered have been reconsidered as the School will be allocated students by the goverment, and those students should be asked to pay full fees so that the charity's considerable annual subsidy can be slowly reduced to nothing.

A new course in motor-mechanics is now planned to offer general mechanics, as well as computer-assisted motor repair in the future. Additionally, computer training will be offered to all students at the school and this will be linked with the Guerba Computer & Community Centre and form a satellite branch of it.

The new motor-mechanics garage and workshop is being built on a new site at Njia Panda. This is on a main highway on the plains which will make it accessible to all vehicles. The building is underway and the garage might be operational at the beginning of 2013.

Much of the money for this new project come from a sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The plans for the motor-mechanics course and acquisition of land at Njia Panda meant that work on the accommodation building at the school was put 'on hold'. The garage and workshop will be completed first and then the boarding accommodation will be completed so that the course can be advertised for students from towns and cities further afield who need to board and who can pay commercial fees to help with the running expenses of the school. Also residential computer courses will be offered.

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New accommodation for boarding students

New boarding accommodation