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The Whole School Development Programme is focusing on school management and on the teaching of infants. More...

Computer Community Centre

VEPK operates a centre with internet access, computer training, and various activities which provide education and fun for the local community.

Vocational Skills Training

Skills training is a valuable education for young people with practical flair and ability. Read more about VEPK vocational training activities.

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Educational Development in Tanzania

Front cover of VEPK Progress 2014 Newsletter

VEPK is working to improve education in primary and pre-primary schools in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania by providing in-service training, providing books and materials and liaising with government officials at all levels. VEPK also run an educational computer/community centre with internet access, a vocational training school and a village crafts shop.

"Elimu ni uhai" - Education is life...

VEPK is the only charity offering sponsored climbs of Mt. Kilimanjaro which exclusively benefit the young people of Kilimanjaro region. The proceeds from this climb will assist us to improve the quality of primary education and skills training in the Kilimanjaro region. For every footstep along the way you can be proud that you are helping a Tanzanian child to have a worthwhile future.

If you have any questions regarding VEPK's KiliClimb 2014 please do not hesitate to contact Hayley Browning, Event Organiser, at hayley@actionchallenge.com. Alternatively - you can contact John Douglas, Event Coordinator, at john@kiliclimbs.org.

We hope that you enjoy this video of our Kili Climb 2013 created to offer you the full KiliClimb experience. VEPK would like to thank the director - Andrew Stenton - and all others involved in the creation of this engaging KiliClimb 2013 video!

The KiliClimb 2013 Team on Mount Kilimanjaro

KiliClimb Team 2013 - Having Reached the Roof of Africa

Primary Teacher Training and Development Activities

VEPK organises a range of training opportunities, inservice programmes, educational development seminars and whole-school development activities in primary schools in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, bringing together local and international expertise.

NOEC - New Original English Course for Tanzanian Primary Schools

Read about the launch of new textbooks for teaching and learning English in Tanzania: 'Get Ready for NOEC – A Language Course for standard I & II' and 'NOEC – New Original English Course for primary school standard III to VII. Read about NOEC and Get Ready for NOEC.

Our latest Project's Progress 2013 Newsletter is now available.

Scenes from VEPK video

View video of VEPK's educational development work in Tanzania.

VEPK Director and Co-ordinator meet President of Tanzania

In November, 2011, Katy Allen, the Director of VEPK, and Dilly Mtui, the Co-ordinator, had a meeting with Dr Jakaya Kikwete, the Hon. President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The meeting was at the State House in Dar es Salaam, and Katy and Dilly were with this His Excellency for about an hour. The meeting, attended by some of the President’s advisers and aides, was to present to the President the sample books which form the course for primary school pupils to learn English as a foreign language.

VEPK Director and Co-ordinator meet President of Tanzania at the State House

VEPK Director and Co-ordinator meet President of Tanzania

How to support VEPK's primary school development work in Tanzania

We always welcome people to help with our fund-raising. Whether you are able to run a marathon and collect sponsorship, host a barbecue or other event, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, hold a plant sale, or whatever, we are most grateful for your support. We can assist with charity sponsor forms, leaflets and posters about our work.

You can also support our primary school teacher development work in other ways too!

If you feel you could help, please contact us.

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Please explore our site, see the work that we do improving primary education in rural Tanzania, and see how VEPK is organized and the benefits that we produce for young people in Africa. If you feel able, please support our work with donations and sponsorship.

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